well im having a little trouble hiding the password on my input because im using inputbox
i just want to cover up what the user will type at the inputbox with asterisk "*"
how can i change the input in the input box with * so it will not be seen by others while the user will type his password

in the input box it is password char property, but i dont know in the inputbox, anyone has any idea?

im using this simple code to make appear of the inputbox

myinput = inputbox("Input your password")

Don't think so. InputBox is not meant to be a full-featured user interface, it's just there for quick-and-dirty coding.
According to:http://www.vbforfree.com/?p=364 and http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=662729 you can actually do it through API programming. While this is confusing it works. If the reason you want to use the input box is because it captures control from the form then just use the show dialog method.

Create an 'input form' that looks like an InputBox. For every character hit, save it and replace it with '*' in the TextBox of the form.

One other solution for that is to create a frame with invisible property, put a textbox on it with assign password characater, and when a user click a button just change the frame property to visible. Here is the example: http://reygcalantaol.com/projects/fake inputbox.zip

here is a solution i created a form just like input box it contains textbox with password property and two command button when press ok it return value of textbox to calling form by putting a invisible lable on that form..

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okay thanks to all replies, id really appreciate it,

a Lot of answers and no solved thread?

Thats why I refuse to answer certain members questions.