well im having a little trouble hiding the password on my input because im using inputbox
i just want to cover up what the user will type at the inputbox with asterisk "*"
how can i change the input in the input box with * so it will not be seen by others while the user will type his password

in the input box it is password char property, but i dont know in the inputbox, anyone has any idea?

im using this simple code to make appear of the inputbox

myinput = inputbox("Input your password")

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Create an 'input form' that looks like an InputBox. For every character hit, save it and replace it with '*' in the TextBox of the form.


One other solution for that is to create a frame with invisible property, put a textbox on it with assign password characater, and when a user click a button just change the frame property to visible. Here is the example: http://reygcalantaol.com/projects/fake inputbox.zip


here is a solution i created a form just like input box it contains textbox with password property and two command button when press ok it return value of textbox to calling form by putting a invisible lable on that form..

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Thats why I refuse to answer certain members questions.

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