Hi Brothers and Sisters in C programming,

I consider myself a advanced-beginer of C programming. I wish to improve my knowledge to become even better, so I need you guys to suggest me some books that may help me be like you guys, an advance programmer in C..Thanks!!



The C Programming Langauge by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie
C Traps and Pitfalls by Andrew Koeing - Note I never read this particular book but have read others authored by Koeing and found the quality high.

If really want to understand C, then learn how the machine works. You can achieve this by learning some fundamental assembly programming which explains some of the whys you'll come across programming in C.

Hi gerard,

Thanks for replying. What do you meant by learning some fundamental assembly programming?? Can you please do give some examples on whr can I learn them??



Ebook Dennis Ritchie
[url removed - piracy will not be tolerated

Suraj... You are an awesome guy man...thanks!!

"Let us C " by Yeshwant kanetkar.......... It is a good book for allllllll

just to bring to the notice of the OP, Yashwant Kanetkar's book, Let us C (as mentioned by shylesh_kerala above) is NOT a good book. If you find Kernighan and Ritchie a bit difficult, you can follow a book called "C programming, a modern approach (second editon) by K. N. King". Its a very good book and has some serious coding and also teaches some good practices.

The new C standard - an annotated reference
and Let us C by Yashwant Kanetkar are very nice books
You will get good amount of Information for every topic, online also

Dear All,

Thanks for you guys help..
I really appreciate them...