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I have an array of real numbers in 32-bit architecture
it holds he higher and lower order values in ecx, edx

i'm able to enter them in into the array and output them as well

but i'm having difficulty adding all them up

here is code so far(gives a segfault)

any input is helpfull

	push ebx
	push ebp
	push edi
	push ecx
	push esi
	mov	edi, 0		;initialize counter to 0
	mov	esi, 0		;initialize accum to 0
	mov	ecx, 0		;zero out ecx and edx
	mov	edx, 0
	mov	ebx, [ebp]	;moves starting location of array1 into ebx
	mov	edi, [ebp+12]	;moves array size
	mov	ecx, [ebx]	;mov higher order
	mov	edx, [ebx+4]	;mov lower order

	push ecx
	push edx

        fld     qword [ebx]                    ;The second input is now in a floating point register, specifically st0.
        pop     dword ebp 
        pop     dword ebp                      ;The first input is now on top of the system stack (the stack addressed by bytes)

	fadd    qword [ebx]                    ;The first input is added to the second input and the sum
                                               ;replaces the second input in st0

	add	ebx,8
	inc	edi

	cmp	esi, edi
	jz	add_done
	jmp	add_loop
	mov     eax, summessage                ;Setup to display a message
        call    print_string                   ;Dr. Carter's library
        push    dword 0                        ;Make space on sytem stack for the sum value
        push    dword 0                        ;Ditto
        fst     qword [ebx]                    ;Copy contents of st0 to space currently on top of the system stack
        pop     ecx                            ;Copy 4 MSBs to ecx
        pop     edx                            ;Copy 4 LSBs to ecx
        call    writedouble                    ;Show the 8-byte value
        call    print_nl                       ;Newline
	pop esi
	pop ecx
	pop edi
	pop ebp
	pop ebx