please some one can give the idea...
what kind of program can i make by using this contains at least 4 techniques (array, function, pointer, structures, file processing, object-oriented) by using c++....

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Do you want to create your own operating system or do you want to something a little more simple, like implementing an inventory system or maybe a game like battleship? All of these, and many more, can be done with the tools you list. since none of us know what you've done so far it is (almost) foolish for us to make a recommendation.


How about creating an array of pointers to functions that will modify the contents of a file in some way. If each function writes one word you could write a sentence to file by way of iterating over an array of function pointers.

This really depends on your ability level. The topics you list a broad and your understanding of them would dictate the relevance of any suggestion we give to you.

What is your experience level? What topics have you covered (read: implemented something) so far?

Help us help you.


sorry for not clear in detail about what i want to do...
i means that simple program c++ that use looping, array, function, pointer because
i'm in newbie and want to learn c++ program ...
what simple program can i do with that contains..please


Implementing a system to keep track of a variety of accounts in a bank or the books in a library or something like that seems to be a popular assignment that encompasses all, or most, of what you need to include.


One of the primary purposes of homework assignments is to get the student to think for themselves, and develop problem-solving skills. When you get into the workplace, you won't have the luxury of asking others to do your work for you... Ok, I lied. There are plenty of manipulative people who do exactly that (they are called managers), but they get no respect from those who do the real work.

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