I am looking into programming an application that detects noise levels. If the level is over a specific threshold it will lock a logged on user account. The idea behind this application is to reduce noise levels in a busy IT suite. My question is has anyone written anything similar and did it prove to be effective and is VB the best programming language for the job? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


Are you sure that locking the user account is the most ideal solution/implementation? I ask for 2 reasons.
1. The user is unable to lower the volume while locked out of the account.
2. When the user account is locked, the machine will still play music, etc. Unless instructed otherwise in a specific application (windows media player), though there are other ways to generate noise (youtube :P)

Here are a couple ideas..

  • Have your application set the system volume.
  • Perhaps an overlay that necessitates the user to lower the volume? If they don't lower the volume, the overlay stays on the screen until they do - I can't think of anyone that would keep the volume up if that was the consequence :)