hi guys i have developed a simple application to insert data in to a SQL DB and get data from same DB using stored procedure.

1 table ,2 SP's

so now i want to run this application on my friends computers to.
so how to transplant my simple application on there machines.
They dont have visual studio in there machines,but they have SQL and .net framework installed.

This is a windows based application,,, plz help mee :D :D

Hi chathuD

There is a way to create a SQL database in Visual studio. Through creating it that way your app is portable. I suggest you check that out.

Sorry for this vague answer, but i will get back to you tomorrow with the full details on the how to!


Try to create setup together with your database. Import it as your reference so that during your installation all of this is compact as one.

Hope this help you.

LibraGirl #03

hmmm.... thanxx,,, but didnt get a much idea.about how to do a reference,and all the things.

You can add one application configuration file and put your connection strings out there.....Now access connection details from itself rather hard coding it in each coding file.....You can create setup of your application now and after installing it to a client machine you will find this settings file in installation folder with your default connection details...now open it with any text editor and put clients connection details and save it.... Now you should be able to use the app .......

It has lots of other ways to configure but i feel this is the easiest.......
Hope this helps