I wanted to create a graph of connected nodes (eg- node 1, 2, 3. 1 connected to 2 and 2 connected to 3). How can I do this?
I searched and found that JUNG (the Java Universal Network/Graph Framework) can be used to draw such graphs. But I am unable to use it. How do I run it? I am using netbeans.

on http://jung.sourceforge.net/ you can probably find

Documentation (3th. from top)


Examples (4th. from top)


FAQ (7th. from top)

well i have obviously read all this. Nothing has been clearly written as how to use it.
I downloaded the jung2. rar. which is given on the site.
It had many jar files. I read somewhere to include all the jar files in your project. I did that but still I am unable to use any of its functions. I am unable to figure out where am I going wrong


mouseRightClick on Libraries
select Add Jar/Folder
find locations where you saved these jar

that's it :-)

you probably didn't read ..., beacuse they have own forum ...

I already did that even.. I have written above that I added the jar files to the libraries.
Well I managed to use JUNG in eclipse but still not figured out the porblem with netbeans.
Anyways thanks for the help..