Hello, I would like to have a program that solves Gaussian elimination. I need it for reference, I think it would be nice to have a tool like this. Now, I know there are many codes I could use online, but I need a code that formats my equation.

Like, a+b+c+10 becomes a+b+c=-10... because most of my equations are not in that format, so the code would have to format it. Does anybody know where I can get something like this? Again, most codes I tried didn't consider anything but the standard form.

I'm not aware of any. I suppose you could hire a programmer.

A program that does this kind of manipulations is called a "symbolic math" engine or library. For example, softwares like Maple or Mathematica use or include symbolic math code. I have never used any free C/C++ library that does that (because it is not really a trivial thing and is rarely useful), but I know of one which is GiNaC (under GPL).

Frankly, if all you want is to turn a "non-standard" formulation into the standard formulation for a problem like a linear system of equations, just do it.