how to setle this problem....ihave code below...but i cannot run because this error..."Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Boolean' is not valid."

CheckBox1.Checked = DataGridView2.CurrentRow.Cells(10).Value
CheckBox2.Checked = DataGridView2.CurrentRow.Cells(11).Value
CheckBox3.Checked = DataGridView2.CurrentRow.Cells(12).Value
CheckBox4.Checked = DataGridView2.CurrentRow.Cells(13).Value
CheckBox5.Checked = DataGridView2.CurrentRow.Cells(14).Value

how i have to set in my table to insert input 1 or 0...pls help me...

See if this helps.

With DataGridView2.CurrentRow
            CheckBox1.CheckState = CType(CInt(.Cells(0).Value), CheckState)
            CheckBox2.CheckState = CType(CInt(.Cells(1).Value), CheckState)
        End With

.Value of "0" is Checked = False and .Value of "1" is Checked = True.