Program reads in a word and outputs the last character then a "," then the last 2 characters of the word

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what program reads and send some outPut

This is what i hope to output
Enter a word: dog
g, go, god

Normally i don't do homework assignments, but hey , i'm in a good mood..
I haven't tested this code, but i think it should do the trick.

String input = "dog";
     String output = "";
     for (int i = (input.length() - 1); i >= 0; i--)
      output += (input.charAt(i));
    for(int i = output.length(); i > 0 ; i--)


Nope, doesn't work - and as a general rule we don't just hand students completed solutions to their homework problems.

well, it needs a litle finetuning i agree on that ;)
but it should get him started on figuring it out on his own..

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