Can anyone please solve the following problems in C ASAP its verymuch urgent

1. C program to check whether the given graph is tree.
2. C program to check whether the Binary tree is full or complete or neither full nor complete
3. C program to extract spanning tree(without using Kruskal and prim's Algorithm)
4. C program to perform following operations on a given 2 connected graph

  • Union
  • intersection
  • deletion of a vertex
  • deletion of any edge
  • fusion of 2 vertex

5. C program to input an image(Graph) and find out its adjacency and incidence matrix
6. Check whether the given graph is isomorphic or not
7. C program to find how many circuits are present in a graph and also extract Hamiltion Circuit
8 C program to extract walk, path from any vertex to any vertex in a given graph

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