import MontyLingua

theTagger = MontyLingua.MontyLingua()

String = "when was tom born?"

#tokenized the String
tokenizedString = theTagger.tokenize(String)
chunkedString=theTagger.chunk(tokenizedString) #error coming here
#Tag the tokenized String
tagString = theTagger.tag_tokenized(tokenizedString)
print tagString
#A more simple way to tag the String
tagString = theTagger.jist(String)

can anyubody help me why error is occuring there and how to use montylingua ?? please....

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yaa..i got clarified the problem, I am using and trying to access the 's method..anyway thanks for replying...

and can you suggest any good packages in pyhton for named entity recognization ??

Praveen : Can you share the solution of your problem?

I am stuck on similar problem.

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