Hey ...Now i want to compare the two things...I will explain my problem..
Now I got single items and their values
For exmple:
item: value
2 : 6
1 : 5
3 : 4
5 : 3

i want use this to swap the place for my combination
for example,
before swap,

item : value
1 2 : 3
2 3 4 : 1
1 2 5 : 1

i need to compare with the single item and value to swap the place.
let say,
2 got 6 values, but 1 got 5 values is less than 2
the first comabintion for 1 2 will become 2 1..
I try many times already but still don not know how to do...hope someone can help me.

Would you please stop with the threads names as "Help,,!!". This is getting us no where. And please, stop posting double or even more same posts. All aobut these numbers.
Create one thread and hold to it!! I have answered on a couple of your threads, but NONE has been answered so far. So, I wont even help you out any longer, and I doubt any one will.

Please, get serious, get some books and study! Dont bother us here with every single homework, that you teacher gives it to you.
Sorry for sounding so harsh, but this is pis... me off slowely. This is just not the way to receive help, and a knowledge.


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