i reading a book about aglets, in this book, there is a piece of code demonstration Master/slave aglets and they say:

sayItAgletRemoteProxy = sayItAgletLocalProxy.dispatch(new URL("atp://localhost:9000"));
// unfortunately this remote proxy is invalid in version 1.1b1. The aglet book is based
// on version 1.02. See ch 7. p. 121. Running this(aglets.agletbook.chapter7)

i dont understand what they said... version of what ? is it the API ? in all cases, how can i get this "version 1.02" they are talking about so i can run the code ? thank you

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Dear Mr Peter,

thank you for your reply,i looked at this link yesterday before posting my question but i wasn't sure if i was looking for the right thing.

ok so i downloaded the package to my desktop, in the link it says:

Getting Started

1] Create yourself a directory for the Portal Package

For example, put the portal-base.jar file into a new directory C:\Projects\Portal

2] Unpack the archive

You can achieve this with a variety of archiving tools that will make your life easier,
eg. Winzip. However, it is possible to unpack the archive with the jar tool that is part of 
the JDK. Use the following command line when you are in your new directory:

	jar xvf portal-base.jar

You will now have all the source files in your new directory.

3] Compile the Portal Pacakge

As long as you have already set up the ASDK properly, and set all the required
variables, eg AGLET_PATH, etc, you will have no problem with this next step. If
you have not, then refer to getstarted.html that you will find in the doc directory
of your Aglet distribution on how to set these variables for your platform.

You can compile the Portal Package with the command:

	javac -d %AGLET_HOME%\public *.java

my question is:
how does this solve my problem? i mean, how can i tell compile and run the Master/Slave classes using this api ? put in other words, how can i use this api that i downloaded to solve my problem ?

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