I want to know exactly What Is Difference Between The FileFilter and FileNameFilter in java.io.*;

Do they both work the same ?

Please answer .......

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The FilenameFilter is used to filter out files in visual components (e.g. when you navigate to a folder, only *.java files would be seen) and in cases where you need to return file names which satisfy a given criteria. Basically for filtering needs based on "file names", FilenameFilter is used.

FileFilter on the other hand deals with "File" objects i.e. filtering based on a given File attributes like; is the file hidden, is it read only; something which a file name can't give you.

Of course, it's pretty trivial to create a File object based on its name and parent directory so I guess these "two" filters are more of convenient wrappers over the same concept but slightly different use cases.

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