Hello again.

Here are the details:

* My litle scripts work perfectly in my virtual Windows XP (I'm using virtualbox if that matters) as long as they are non-compiled .py or .pyw files

* After compiling them, I double click on them and a DOS window comes out, then dissapears almost instantly.

* The window displays an error, but it dissapears too fast. The error reads (I'm not sure since it goes away too quickly) 'python: can't reopen .pyc file'. (By the way, is there any way of preventing DOS windows from dissapearing like this?)

* The program itself has no errors as 1).It runs perfectly prior to compilation AND 2).The .pyc file does run if you type python script.pyc.

This last detail leads me to believe that there must be something wrong with the way python is being called when I double click on it.

I know this is old, but just in case somebody sees this and finds it useful: the problem is definitely Virtual Box. It works properly in a real Windows installation.

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