Hey People :)
I'm trying to build SimpleVRML project but I received 100 errors like this

error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "__declspec(dllimport) public: void __thiscall std::locale::facet::_Register(void)" (__imp_?_Register@facet@locale@std@@QAEXXZ)	antlr.lib	simpleVRML

notice that it's required to build it in Visual Studio 2003 but I'm using 2008

please could anyone help me with this error, telling me the meaing of it, it's cause and how to solve it?
could this be a result of using a different verion of Visual Studio instead of that required?

thanks in advance :)

Looks like you're missing some library (DLL).

which ones?
there was some errors about missing liberaries and I added them then these errors didn't appear any more

You've posted the question in C forum so I guess you're using a C program. The code shouldn't have compiled in the first place as the symbol has namespace in it, viz not supported in C.
The symbol seems to be part of libstdc++, which should be part of hte linker lib list be default unless you've overridden options.
If that's not the case check if you need to include any additional libs in the documentation of std::locale