i hav developed a java swing desktop application in eclipse & ubuntu;From where should i get the jar file of my appication or how to create jar file of my application???
thanks in advance...........

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Eclipse : File : Export...
Java - Runnable jar file

Eclipse : File : Export...
Java - Runnable jar file

I Create the jar file as you said but when we create jar file in netbeans IDE we get a exe format i never get that kind of an exe in eclipse jar ;from where i get that exe or how to run that jar file just copy&paste to the eclipse ide????

Jars are not exes. Exes are platform-specific, jars are platform independent.
If your OS has Java installed correctly you can just double-clock a runnable jar and the program will start.
Maybe a Netbeans user here can comment further on what Netbeans is doing???

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