I wish to make a program which will read a wav file ....
I have Visual C# 2008.
Could anyone please tell me what should I study before getting into this audio/video part...?????

Till now I have worked only with 'Console Applications'.

Hmmmmmm .... it seems helpful .... but I will have to study it .... thanx

I also wanted to know that when I start coding it .... what is it supposed to be ...
A WPF application, WPF forms application or a console application.

You can start working with any of these but the most convenient is to use WPF form based application as it gives you the facility to make a nice interface....To play a .wav file sample code is as follow. check this code :).... Here s is the path of the file to be played.

using System.Media;

 public void player(String s)


SoundPlayer mplayer = new SoundPlayer();

 mplayer.SoundLocation = s;



You, can use a web application also to play a wav file, i had worked on it in one project.But in the Web Application u have to pass through the Java script like this to play the Wav Files

Dim strScript As String = "<table id='tblRecordPlay' style='position:absolute; top:75%; left:700; border:1px solid white; z-index:105;'><OBJECT ID='MediaPlayer' WIDTH='300' HEIGHT='45' CLASSID='CLSID:22D6F312-B0F6-11D0-94AB-0080C74C7E95'" & _
                           " STANDBY='Loading Windows Media Player components...' TYPE='application/x-oleobject'>" & _
                           "<PARAM id='fname' NAME='FileName' VALUE='" & WaveFile&Path & "'>" & _
                           "<PARAM name='autostart' VALUE='true'>" & _
                           "<PARAM name='ShowControls' VALUE='true'>" & _
                           "<param name='ShowStatusBar' value='false'>" & _
                           "<PARAM name='ShowDisplay' VALUE='false'>" & _
                           " <EMBED TYPE='application/x-mplayer2' SRC='" & WaveFile&Path & "' NAME='MediaPlayer'" & _
                           " WIDTH='192' HEIGHT='45' ShowControls='1' showtracker='-1' ShowStatusBar='0' ShowDisplay='0' autostart='0'> </EMBED>" & _
                           "</OBJECT> </table> "
                    ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(Me.GetType(), "AdminPlayScript", strScript)