anyone can tell me how to use and reset hashset and intersect?

hope someone can help me..thank you so much.

int[] id1 = { 44, 26, 92, 30, 71, 38 };
int[] id2 = { 39, 59, 83, 47, 26, 4, 30 };

IEnumerable<int> both = id1.Intersect(id2);

foreach (int id in both) {

My car still has a problem, what should I do?

Another person from Malaysia with the exact same problem as all the other people from Malaysia. You all in the same class? Maybe if one of you posted the actual problem you are trying to solve it could be done for all of you at once. Yes I'm at the point of just doing the work and getting rid of the 10,000 threads about the same issue.

As for your car, ddanbe, set the Problem property on your car to null.

I let myself go one more time, but:

car.problem = null;