Hey I am almost done with my hangman game for java but Im having a tough time in getting the last bit of it. I have included ALOT of comments for you guys to help me out with it.

import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
import javax.swing.*;

public class Hangman 
	public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception 
		boolean[] wordsUsed = new boolean[50];
		int totalGuesses = 0;
		int wrongGuesses = 0;
		File wordFile = new File("F:\\randomwords.txt");
		Scanner input = new Scanner(wordFile);
		String[] list = new String[50];
		for(int i = 0; i <= list.length - 1; i++)
			list[i] = input.nextLine();
		// Picking a word at random
		int randomWordNo;
			randomWordNo = (int)(Math.random() * 50);
		while (wordsUsed[randomWordNo]);
		wordsUsed[randomWordNo] = true;
		String theWordToGuess = list[randomWordNo];
		// Create StringBuilder to hold the word as-guessed so far
		// That starts out as the word TO guess, and then we change
		// the letters into asterisks.  As the player guesses letters,
		// they'll change back from asterisks to letters, until 
		// wordSoFar again becomes the same as theWordToGuess, at 
		// which point the player has solved the puzzle.
		StringBuilder wordSoFar = new StringBuilder(theWordToGuess);
		for(int k = 0; k < wordSoFar.length(); k++)
			wordSoFar.setCharAt(k, '*');
		// Now we go into a loop, asking the user for letters.
		// If the letter is NOT in the string, it's a wrong guess,
		// and we go again.
		// If the letter IS in the string, then we change the characters
		// in wordSoFar from asterisks to the actual letter, and credit
		// the user with a correct guess.
		// we continue until wordSoFar matches theWordToGuess
			// Prompt the user for the next character to guess
			System.out.println("Guess a letter" );
			// Look at wordSoFar to see if the character they guessed is
			// already there.  If so, they've (rather stupidly) guessed
			// a character they've already successfully guessed.
			// If not, then look at theWordToGuess, and see if the letter
			// they just guessed is THERE.  If not, then count this as a
			// wrong guess and go again
			// If SO, then for all positions in wordSoFar, change the 
			// (current) asterisk to the character they just guessed,
			// if that character is in the same location in theWordToGuess
		} while (wordSoFar.indexOf(theWordToGuess) == 0);
		System.out.println("Congratulations you solved the problem in " + totalGuesses + " guesses, with " + wrongGuesses + " incorrect guesses");
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One, what's the question?

Two, what's the point of the loop fro 25 - 28? Just pick one random number number from 0 to 49 and use that as the index. The array declared on line 9 seems pointless. You're reading in 50 Strings from the file and picking one at random. Why the boolean array?

Three, lines 57 - 76 - I see a prompt for user input, but I don't see anywhere where you actually read in any user input? Nor do I see anywhere where wordSoFar is ever searched for a letter, nor do I see anywhere where theWordToGuess is searched for that letter, nor anywhere where theWordToGuess is changed. Basically I see a bunch of comments that seem reasonable enough, but no matching code. Which brings us back to question one. What's the question? Is the question "Do my comments seem like a reasonable approach?" or is it "How do I implement my comments?" If the former, yes, the approach seems reasonable. If the latter, you need to set up a Scanner or whatever to read in user input, then do your searches for that user input, then replace wordSoFar with asterisks where needed. Basically what you have in the comments.

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