can any one help me wright the code for any simple java games, choose one from the selection below plsss (using jav

-Base Conversions -Lotto 649
-Mastermind -Hangman -Deal or no -Deal
-Who Wants to be a Millionaire -Card Games
-Theatre Seating -Morse Code Instant/Fortune Teller
-Pay Stubs -Educational Game -Trivia Quiz
-Other by teacher approval

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Nobody will write code from scratch for you, this is a forum where you can get help and not complete code, you must try, and then if you find a problem, ask.
"Do not ask for code. We are not a coding service. We will help you fix your code.
If anyone posts a complete working solution for you, they are enabling cheaters.
If you use that code you are a cheater." these are the posting rules

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I could... and I'm willing.
However, I don't think that you could afford my rates.
(And you would have to pay me in advance!)

just write a number guessing game, have the program come up with a random number from 0 to 100, and you try to guess which one it is, if your answer is less than the random number, say you're too low, if high say too high, and if right say you're right, pretty simple.

Read the forum rules:
- Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from assignments.

Thread closed.

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