Hey everyone , I have a Mid semester Exam next week and I need to study the basics of programming a C++ programs. can anyone recommend or help me with some basics or link me something which could help me revise things faster and make it easier. i am sturggling and help would be great thanks.

the topics included will be

-introduction to computer systems; binary number; simplest C++ programs

-data types, binary representation of integers, 2's complement

-variable declarations; read and assign values; typecasting

-basic program design; IPO diagram; pseudocode; selection, switch

-loops in pseudocode and C++; different type of loops

if there is any multiple choice links or questions i could do online please link me or if there is any other way can help me it would be greatly appreciated thanks

Surely you have been given learning material which covers these topic's?

Surely you have been given learning material which covers these topic's?

yeh i have , but its not helpful enough or im having a hard time understanding the basics

Make a list for yourself of precisely what is confusing about those topics, for example

Typecasting:  Is it necessary to cast my variable when I am doing XYZ
Twos compliment:  How do I handle negative numbers

Now you have a list of things you can search other sites for, like you can Google "C++ typecasting XYZ" or "2's compliment negative numbers". I know people on this site would be more than happy to help you with specific questions about specific areas, but you've got to figure out what those are.

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