In past few months my computers that i develop on have become increasingly un-responsive, especially in delphi. I noticed changes after a round of windows updates a few months back. Previously when in the IDE, when you clicked anywhere delphi may try to compile or evaluate the code and it would take a few milliseconds. Now it can take off and be gone for several minutes or hang indefinately. There is no cpu activity in task manager to indicate anything going on. I have to reboot 3 or 5 times a day, because even restarting delphi wont get it back on track. Very frustrating and kills my productivity.

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You can try 'System Restore' to roll back to the period before those updates, if you think that the updates caused your system to slow down.

On the other hand you can try running a boot scn for virus using any live av disc, as Viruses too can cause system slowing down.

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You might want to check the HD for errors as HD near failing could also cause this.
Whole system usually becomes unresponsive until the HD finally manages to complete reading/writing on the failing drive.

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