hello guys,

write a program which calculates the volume of a cube or of a sfere. the user gives the side of the cube or the radius of the sfere

• the user gives the shape as string
• the shape will be sfere or cube

otherwise will print "wrong shape"

here is my code, i write something wrong... it doesn't show what i want

using System;

class Shape

    string shape;
    string sfere= null, cube= null;

    public string GetShape()

            Console.Write("Give the shape: ");
            shape= Console.ReadLine();

            if (shape== sfere|| shape== cube)
                Console.WriteLine("Wrong shape");

        } while (shape== sfere|| shape== cube);
        return shape;

    public void calculation (out double Volume)
        double radius, side;
       const double p = 3.14;


        if (shape== sfere)
            Console.Write("Give the radius of the sfere");
            radius= Double.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
            Volume= (4 / 3) * p * (Math.Pow(radius, 3));

            Console.Write("Give the side of the cube");
            side= Double.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
            Volume= (Math.Pow(side, 3));


class Program
    static void Main()
        Shape sh1 = new Shape();
blah blah


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Line 9 is wrong.
Because you have to test that a string is equal to "sfere" or "cube" make them constants. Like this:

const string aSfere = "sfere";

i changed it but i have problem with the loop

how i will take only sfere and cube and not other strings?

This is called input validation.
Your program has to take care that it only accepts correct input.
Example: your program might only accept "sfere" and "cube" as correct input and reject all other input like "Danny" or "CUBE".

how can i succeed it?

Changed the code inside your GetShape method a bit:

string shape = string.Empty;
                Console.Write("Give the shape:(type sfere or cube)"); 
                shape = Console.ReadLine();
                if (shape != aSfere && shape != aCube) 
                    Console.WriteLine("Wrong shape, try again"); 
            } while (shape != aSfere && shape != aCube); 
            return shape;

ok, thank you for your time!!!!

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