I was wondering how I could create a java application program which allows sending free sms to any network subscribers without the use of any hardware component (i.e. GSM modem). Is it possible? What are the things should I consider and how does the logic work? Can anybody tell me what to do? :?:

and who's going to pay the cost of those messages, pray?

There are many subscription based services to send SMS, most of which have Java APIs. But for the obvious reason that there's a cost attached to running such a service, they're not free to the subscriber (or offer only a limited number of free messages).

oh okay. i was thinking about attaching the program to a website that allows the users to send one message free to any users who have not subscribed yet to their site. Like chikka.com. Hmmm..

is there any way that i could put that feature with (or without) the cost?