I am a programming student and active volunteer for a foundation, if anyone out there is kind enough to share some help please read below.

I will need your help guys for a Simple Inventory System for a foundations' furniture and jewelry store. The software of course should follow the existing system being implemented. It should be a basic Inventory System that don't need a lot of features, there's just some things to consider.

*Stock Explorer used to monitor stocks, view details and images, etc. It will also handle addition of new stocks or manual deduction with appropriate description of deduction..

*Stock deduction with an aide of a basic cashiering interface (Customer Name, details of payments, details of the item bought, mode of payment, etc.)

*Client/Customer browser for input and viewing of client details and transaction history.

*All products are categorized. Main category are Furniture & Jewelries. Sub Categories are Make, Model etc.

*Reporting tool for stock monitoring, cashiering, transaction history, sales report and others. Must be printable and can be exported to Excel format.

You can add up features if you have an idea but those are the general requirement. We will also need the source code for the maintenance of the system and for educational purposes. It might be built in .net technology using VB.net or Visual Basic 6.

If anyone who'll be kind enough to share their code or help for free (even existing inventory system you have done) for this project for the foundation then we'll be very glad. Or if not please message the least offer you can give.

Thanks a lot and God Bless!

Try Quickbooks.

Thanks for the reply, we've tried it but it's too complicated for some basic requirements and a little expensive. Plus they would like to custom fit the product.

Anyway thanks.

who can help me how to make an inventory system in vb.net?


help me how to make an inventory system in vb.net?


Well i am facing same problem right now...i guess you would have to teach your self and do lots of researches..first u need to get the inter face, then after designing it u would have to search for fucntioning code and begine to use your brian to get it done..i am actually degining my interface now..i just seauch inventory interface online and get some ideal..good luck as i which myself same

You can use SQLite... I've used it a bit, but seems pretty easy and nice to store information. It will work for the storing info, the rest you'll need to do by yourself.

You can check a bit more here http://www.kirupa.com/net/sqllite_vb_pg1.htm

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