Hello guys, I really need help with this one. Can you please help me create a program in Python that displays information about a rectangle of any size.
Input: two mouse clicks for the opposite corners of a rectangle
Output: Draw the rectangle. Print the perimeter and area of the rectangle
Formulas: Area = (length)(width)
Perimeter =2(length+width)

Please help I just started using Python,

We can help you if you make a start on the code to show your commited to your project :)
I would recommend that you look into using a program called PyGame. Start of making some basic programs such as how to open a window with PyGame and then how to draw a rectangle. Then you can use PyGame to detect the mouse position and pass it to the functions. PyGame has some excellent documentation pages:

from graphics import *

def main():

    win.setCoords(0.0, 0.0, 10.0, 10.0)
    message = Text (Point(5, 0.5), "Click on two points")

    #Get and draw 4 vertices of rectangle
    p1 = win.getMouse()
    p2 = win.getMouse()
    p3 = win.getMouse()
    p4 = win.getMouse()

# Used Polygon object to draw the rectangle
    rectangle = Polygon(p1, p2, p3, p4)

    # Wait for another click to exit
    message.setText("Click anywhere to exit.")


I have this but I dont know how to code it so that it works with only two clicks, 4 works but not 2.

I have this but I dont know how to code it so that it works with only two clicks, 4 works but not 2.

There is a line missing somewhere, such as

    win = GraphWin("My Rectangle", 300, 300)

Apart from that, this is good python code

You can do it with 2 clicks if you realize that 2 points give you 2 values for x and 2 values for y. With these values, you can build 4 different points and draw the rectangle.

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