I need help with creating a program that produces a daily report for a store. I'm really bad at computer science so I'm not even sure where to start on this!

Here are the instructions:

Write a Python program to accomplish the following. Use modular design. Include at least 3 functions: one that returns zero values, one that returns one value, and one that returns more than one value. Do all your input from an external text file, created by you according to the file specs given below. Place your output in an external text file. Submit your source code via Blackboard. Also turn in a printout of your source code and a printout of the program’s results which you placed in an external text file named “prog4out.txt”. You don’t need to give Blackboard your output file. Please do not include any directory names in your external text file references. Name your external input file “prog4input.txt”.

The Village Variety Store is having its annual Christmas sale. Its owners would like you to write a program to produce a daily report for the store. Each item sold is identified by an item code consisting of one letter followed by one digit. Your report should include data for all items in the file. Your program must work for any number of items. You may assume the first record(line) in the file indicated the number of items present in the file. Each of the three lines of data will include an item code, number of unique items sold, original item price, and reduction percentage. Your report should include a chart with the input data, sales price per item, and total amount of sales generated by the item. Also print a daily summary. Assume the file contains store sales for one day.

An example input data file follows:

A7     13   5.95   15
R5     24   7.95   20
T2      80   3.95   50

Your output file must be formatted as follows:

 Village Variety Store

Item Code   Number Sold     Original Price      Reductions       Sales Price         Income
-------------   -----------------       -----------------       --------------       -------------       ----------

     A7                           13                                   $5.95                                15%                           $5.06              $65.78
            R5                           24            $7.95                                20%                           $6.36             $152.64
            T2                            80               $3.95                                50%                           $1.98            $158.40

<3 blank lines>

Daily Summary:

Total number of items sold:  117

Revenue lost due to reductions:  $207.33

Total income:  $376.82
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