im trying to write some GUI using wx.python and im nto sure how to do what i want.

i have readibotton to choose an operation to execute.
i want to have a list of machines which i will need to choose so the action will e done on them.

im trying to create two windows.
the first one will be a full list of machines, and groups of machines.
the user can choose group of machines or a specific machines.
he can click on machine in order to add it to the list (which will be the second windows), an also to remove it back to list.

i've attached screenshot of drowing which supposed to clarify what im trying to do.

im not sure which module should i use? comboxBox? maybe combination of combo and list?...:(

any help will be appriciated.


I would use 2 comboboxes and 2 buttons. Of course each of the buttons will be bound to different functions. Post some code for additional help.