hey hello my name is babafemi from nigeria. please something has been bothering me for a while. that is, the simplicity that microsoft is bringing to the world of programming. here is my view. someone spends years learning how to hard code, sleepless nite learning how to build applications from the scratch, from connection to database to creation of certain controls. and here i am realising that microsoft is creating platforms that soon every tom dick and harry will pick up visual studio and build an application. another example is joomla, pardon me for mentioning joomla in c# section, coz this example relates to my view. i have a friend who uses joomla to do good stuffs and he doesnt know nothing about php, asp(c#, vb), jsp etc, i mean he know nothing. with all these i see a time were core programmers will be competing with every it enthusiast. pls whats the hope of programmers. i need everyones view.

Someone has to build the tools that 'every tom, dick and harry' use to make their applications.

The first time I used VB I thought "This is too easy to make GUI applications". Then I looked at the applications non-programmers make and decided my job was secure for the forseeable future.

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Programming means not only(strictly saying NOT) a front end design. It is a way to find a solution for a problem. Any automated tool cannot give a solution for a problem by itself, but it will help to solve the problem.

VS-IDE is not .Net architecture! its just a tool to design some front end stuffs.

In order to find out solution for a problem in computer, you need to have programming skill!

The hope of programmers live there!