Hi i am developing an windows application. In that i am using the xml file for data transfer. I want to encrept the generated file and decrypt it while uploading.

can anybody help me to do this.

Thanks in Advance

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Have you started your work? if yes please tell us what have you done and if no then please tell us how you plan to do this.... We can give you suggestions


Yes... Actually my work is 75% completed let i explain. My project has two sides client and Admin. The client side fill the form and when he submit the form i am generating the xml file with that data using dataset this file is send to Admin using mail component Now in Admin side this file is uploaded. I want this file is encrypted at client side and when updating it will decrypted i am searching for that but encryption and deception is easily done with txt and html files.


Thanks abelLazm
Its working fine but one questions arises that its strong enough.(It will be breakable?)

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