Hey guys,

I've taken on a project where I have to code an applet that gathers information and sends it to a database. The thing is though, that the client's website is being hosted by some other unknown company.

I have the impression that in order for this to work, the database will have to be on the same server the site is hosted on, am I correct assuming this? Otherwise, how would one gather information from an applet, and let it connect to a database that's on one of the clients PC at their company/not on the server the site is on?

I'm not asking for code, just a push in the right direction...


It either must be from the same address that served the applet (and proxies can easily get in the way of this) or the clients need to modify their security policy files to allow it to connect to something else.

Edit: Or, I believe, that a signed applet can also connect to something other than its source address.

Thanks for great advice. I'm considering another option other than JApplet, since not every user is going to have the JRE on their machine. Can HTML form data get forwared to a remote machine?

Sure you can use "mailto:someone@somewhere.com" but that's just stupid. What if you want the form data to be sent to a servlet on a remote machine. What would one specify in the <form action=""> tag?

The servlet url, of course, with either post or get.

commented: Didn't know it was just as simple as that, thank you. +1
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