I have made a web services app which i have install it in server. This web services is to check datetime form the server.....if the server time and my pc time is match it will proceed further to next step....i have set it to 5 min different...it is going well but

due to the server connection sometimes i dont get the response from the particular server and i make my application to prompt with popup message box "Server Down Please try again later"....The Question is...

1) if the server conn problem i want make it something else other than prompt this kind of message....

anyone out there have any idea !!!!

what exactly is it that you want it to do? says the server connection could not be established?

i want my application to check the date time from the server which i already done using the web services and it is working well....i want something like if there is difference between the date time my application should be able to overwrite the current pc time and change according to the server time...is that possible to do ?


use the net time command

net time \\timeserver /set /yes

this will sync the local computers time with the server (i beleive, you might have to be on a domain but im not 100% sure..)

i think it would be something like

shell("net time \\timeserver /set /yes")
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thank you so much....i got it