hi friends. Im currently working in integrating GR Fingerprint SDK with vb.net application. I am using MSSQL 2008 as my database and vb.net as the front end. I have completed almost 90% of the application and im stuck in integrating this SDK with my application. It has an error such as Unable to connect to database and also grfinger is not initialized cannot be converted to double and stuffs like dat. i beieve it is a small error and if someone could personally help me... it would be helpful... hope smeone cn give me a hand in finishing this project of mine...

first error;

i have a sample of the project but the database being used was acccess 2007. it is working fine where it can load and stuff... and the only part where db is connected is here

' the database we'll be connecting to
    Const DBFile As String = "../../../GrFingerSample.mdb"
    Const ConnectionString As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source="

so i did the same to my mssql server which is

' the database we'll be connecting to
    Const DBFile = "../../../FP.mdf"
    Const ConnectionString = ("Data Source=VKEY-PC\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=FP;Integrated Security=True")

second error is grfinger is not initialized cannot be converted to double. but i realise that i never use double variable anywhere in my code.

these are the two error is runing my application. please someone cn help me i would be grateful. thank you.

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What error message do you get when you try to connect? It is possible you don't have the correct access rights or that you misspelled the server name. Try changing the server name from "VNET-PC\SQLEXPRESS" to ".\SQLEXPRESS".

Do you have SQL Server Management Studio installed? Can you verify that you have the correct name for the database?

Conversion from string "Unable to connect to DataBase. (" to type 'Double' is not valid.

hello jim. thank you for replying this thread. above is the error which i received when i start the program. The connection string however i tried to do wad u said to remove my pc name and put just sql express still in vain. Any idea why this error is coming Jim. Can i send u my project maybe u cn have a look at it.? it would be a great help

The only part I could offer any help with would be the database part. If you could post the part where you are trying to connect I can have a look.

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