I want to build new Gui program for calculator.
I did it in c# using MS visual c# 20100 express.
Now I want to do it in java. I used jGRASP till now.
Does jGRASP has any feature like visual studio to add buttons or something like that?
or i have to write whole program?

Currently versions of jGrasp have no GUI generators, u write the code from start:

import java.awt.*;
import javax.swing.*; and so on .......

Although this thread is solved, just a piece of info, if you are looking for GUI generators in Java, you could look at the following IDEs:-
Eclipse: The Window Builder plugin for Eclipse is my favourite.
Netbeans IDE has a good GUI generator.

hmmm IDE's GUI builder, this was good one

as JamesCherrill asked you for Upgrade to Java 1.6u22, so I insist for that

I knew about netbeans. but i have jGRASp already installed and i don't want to install so many things. so i was looking for the option.
anyway i completed project with programming. just wanted to know any easy option :-)