final members are used to specify that it can not be revalued or overriden. :icon_lol:
Explain logically, why a static method can not override comparing it with an instance method. May a static variable be revalued?
:icon_exclaim: If, static also serves the same purpose at this point as final, then it should be sufficient to mention a variable only as static to specify the variable-criteria as CONSTANT instead of mentioning both final static ! :icon_rolleyes:

Why don't you try to explain it and we'll shoot holes in your argument until you get it right?
It's your homework, and it looks as if your understanding of the concepts leaves quite a bit to be desired. But we're not going to do your homework for you!

Was this a question, or just some insane light show?

commented: HAHAHA ! +1

You might want to start by explaining what static and final mean.
Having done that, you might want to go and read up on what they mean, you might be surprised.