Hello all. I seriously need some help with eclipse for C installation because i haven't got this stuck and angry since 10 years ago when i was a kid and got my first pc,and couldn't install audio drivers :P.
Okay,lets get to the point.Here are the issues:
I used to use dev-c++ for editing/compiling/running C projects.
Lately i got a really big program to make which has been taking me a lot of time,and since dev-c has lots of bugs,i decided to move to eclipse.
I already had eclipse for java.So i tried "help"->install new software->add "http://svn.codespot.com/a/eclipselabs.org/wascana/repo".
Then i get an error,which,by googling, i couldn't resolve.
Then i went to the next solution,dl+installing minGW from its website. I also set system paths var inside mingw's bin folder. Still not working,i'm getting no "toolchains" when i start new project.
After a couple of hours of failing,i decided to just re-download eclipse,only the C version.Well,new version,new error.This time i do get toolchains,but when trying to build a project,i get a console message Nothing to build for <project name>.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling everything,i tried messing with the building commands,nothing.Then,i say,whatever,lets go back to dev-c.
But it would be too easy.Suddenly,attempting to compile in dev-c gives me a new error:
[Linker error] undefined reference to `__dyn_tls_init_callback'
[Linker error] undefined reference to `__cpu_features_init'
ANY kind of help would be appreciated,as long as it does not include formatting my pc.Thanks!

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You wouldn't have any of those problems if you used VC++ 2010 (the Express edition is free). Code::Blocks is also an excellent IDE that has option to install MinGW compiler. I never used Eclipse so I don't know how to resolve your problems with it.

I assume you are working with some version of MS-Windows. Which one?

Hey pal,i'm using win xp x32. I just started d-ling vc++,hope its good,but for now i uninstalled minGW and msys and dev-c++ seems to be working again. But its full of bugs. Anyway,thanks once again for fast reply,ill give vc a chance if you say its good

I usually use VC++ IDE for C, C++, Windows Programming. It is the one of the best editor i have seen.
As Ancient Dragon suggested, I will get the updated VC++ 2010 as the Express edition is free :)

And @ chester1908, I have used eclipse for J2SE and J2EE. never tried for C++.
When I'll get the time, I'll spend the time on it and will reply you. Lets see what happens . . .

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