Is there any C++ .Net IDE's around? I mean visual studio is ok.. it just isn't as good as SharpDevelop which only does C#, VB and a few others. It doesn't do C++ that's why I'm looking for a C++ version of SharpDevelop.

Any Ideas?


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Visual Studio most certainly does contain a c++ compiler. You can get vc++ 2010 Express for free, as well as and C#. It's the best compiler suite there is for .net framework, afterall it is produced by the same company that wrote .net -- Microsoft. You can't get a better compiler suite.

Someone on DaniWeb implied that you can use Dev-cpp to compile dot net code, but as Ancient Dragon mentioned, you won't find a better IDE for dot net than VS.
Now, you should be aware there is no IntelliSense for C++ in VS2010, but it does exist for other languages.

VS2008 has it for all 1st-class languages.

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