I realize this is a pretty simple operation, however im totally lost, and no post I could find seem to touch on the exact same subject as mine.

I have a text file, where each line is formatted like so:


Each float is separated by a comma. The number of lines will vary, however there will always be 6 floats per line.

Id like to read this into an array, and then at a later point I want to take the average values of all float1's and all float2's etc.

Once I have all the averages I can output a new 1D array with :

[avgFloat1, avgFloat2, avgFloat3, avgFloat4, avgFloat 5, avgFloat6]

Any hints on where to start with this?

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Nevermind, the task has now completely changed due to a miscommunication between our coders =)

I cant figure out how to close this thread, but if a mod sees this, please do so.

So the text "Has this thread been answered?" held no meaning. And the text just below it was unreadable....

Or to be a little more specific: You the OP (original poster) have a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to mark the thread solved. I suggest you first post an entry : "This thread marked solved because our requirements changed, not because I got an answer" ; then click that link.

I agree that "solved" isn't exactly what happened, but it is close enough to be useful.

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