The name of our project is 'microcontroller based serial debugger',it consists of AT89s51 microcontroller and a LCD display
the idea of the proj is that by using 1 main debugger program we have to control the LCD rolling display program.first we have write the debugger program and right below that is application program ie.the LCD program...which has to b writtten in keil.it is like to control 1 program with the help of debugger program...
by debugging we have to show,the register values and memory values at particular location of LCD program and add breakpoints , watchpoints in that LCD program...
and the output is to b shown in hyperterminal of windows...by serial communication...
we are using embedded C language for programming..
v need the logic how go abt ???
plss you guide us through this..

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First of all, you must realize that on a 5081 architecture a true debugger is not possible. 8051 doesn't have a concept of exceptions, and even though a breakpoint (almost) may be emulated by a call, the resume from breakpoint seems practically impossible. It could be done with a support on a host side (very tricky); I don't know if the hyperterm allows that.

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