I am using the free alternative to SPY ++ known as Winspector, and was suggested to start using this to get more familiar with windows and handles and process handles etc...
My question here is I notice when I put the crosshair over certain windows I get WINDOWS and a hex code or ID, and numerous other things of interest.
My question is in simple can someone explain what some of these are and what they are used for. I am assuming here I can set HWND to some of these ID's ??
I noticed when things are in the task tray at the far bottom right the SPY grabs just the tray ID itself and not the individual program in it.

So are these programs then child windows to the tray ? Any help would be great, and examples of how this is used would be even greater. I do appreciate they help in further educating me on how to understand this important utility which I have no concept or grasp of yet. Normally I use functions to get the handles without ever really seeing the returned ID so I am hoping what I am looking at is HWND just in code form.

For example.. say I have yahoo messenger open and I drag the spy over the top it reveals to me "The yahoo buddy main" for the Class. How am I to use this information per say if I wanted to send a double click to a dropdown menu, or with programs in the lower right hand corner with right click menu options. How can I send messages to those menu options using this?

Thanks allot I know my question is broad and not precise, but I want to know why this is such a powerful tool for a programmer, and just dont understand it yet.

-Cody Oebel

You mean none of this is explained in the help nor at the home page? There's no documentation at all? Somehow I don't believe that...

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