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Hi all and thanks for reading this.....

I have a question that I cannot seem to find an answer for, out there in the big ol ether they call the internet, it involves a three stage procedure on a button pressed within an Access form ...
stage 1 : click the button

stage 2 : check(as in tick or turn to a 1) TWO checkboxes in different table, then close it.

stage 3 : generate a random 9 digit passport number and birth certificate number and store them back in the form , in their respective fields on that form.

(I have been thinking about (My)sql, however am newb to this area and could do with some real directed guidance if poss, and with a small understanding of vb 6 thought a vba route was maybe a step in the right direction as its more along the lines of programming and i understand can give me unparalleled control in Access(2007) vs sql)

IM a bit confused, and would really appreciate if someone could help me understand even if it is only to help decipher which of the to is a better approach , and maybe i can better adjust my search terms when googling this stuff.

Sorry btw as ii have no chice but to develop this in access and soon hope to move to the realms of Oracle and grasping sql fully, til then my project says "using Microsoft Access"..... boo hoo for me

Thanks once again for any help , it really is much appreciated.
Your low and humble servant (this might be a bit too creepy, so coding philanthropists ignore at your will, and megalomaniacs embrace to your hearts content !) (i think "philanthropists" is the right term, mmmmm)

Gruffy 321

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