Hi there, i get the following error message every time i open and close Microsoft Word and Excel

For Microsoft Word:
Microsoft Visual Basic
Compile Error in hidden module: Auto Exec

and for Excel:
Microsoft Visual Basic
Compile error in hidden module: AutoExecNew (when i open it)
Compile error in hidden module: DistMon (when i close it)

My friend reckons i've got a bug on the program somewhere, i was wondering what you guys would make of this. After the error box comes and I click 'OK', i can still use the programs fine. I'm working on XP Professional SP1.

Really hope someone can help remove this annoying thing, cheers!

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I did try reinstalling Office, but no joy. That link you gave WlkingMan seemed to be talking about some really complicated stuff, i mean more complex than my sudden problem, because for a start I don't use MathType. Thanks though.
Oh can't anybody, ANYBODY help me out here?! The error is so annoying cos it loks harmless, yet could possible develop into something bigger.

The errors are usually caused by an Adobe plugin. If you go to the XLStart folder in your profile (C:\Documents and Settings\"your login"\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLStart) and move the PDFMaker.xla out into the Excel folder, the errors will go away.

I have the same problem except it is only with Excel 2003. I installed MS Office 2003 Professional on my Windows 7 Professional NetBook. I have looked all over for xlstart, start, pdfmaker and have not been able to find it. What I did find was that inside Excel under the Macro, Visual Basic Editor there is a visual basic code with a + called "AcrobatPDFMaker (PDFMaker.xl_). If I try to open this set of code, it asks for a password which I don't have. I have tried to delete it, but I don't know how. Does anyone know how to delete this bit of code? This is the only thing that I can think of to solve the annoyance at the start and termination of the program. Other than that Excel seams to work OK.

Hi david. Welcome to daniweb. You can start by first creating a new thread in the same forum, and helpers will come and assist you with your problem in no time

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