Are there any good books on x64 assembly. I am using 64 bit Windows 7, and Quad Core AMD. I tried to find some books but they were all for 32 bit system. Does it even matter or will it work on my computer too? So is there any good assembly books for x64?

If you are just starting to learn assembly then those books for 32-bit systems will also work on 64-bit systems. Err -- I mean that it won't matter whether you use 32 or 64-bit computers. I first learned assembly during the late 1980s by reading a book by Peter Norton.

Thanks you know all of it lol. And does it matter if I am using ADM or INTEL?

The MUST have books are from Intel and AMD, many years ago they actually shipped their manuals for free, now they are in PDF format.

I got the books by Intel and AMD when they were printed, and a few years ago I got them on CD they mailed for free, you will have to look around their sites to find out if they still do that.

No it really doesn't matter if you are using AMD or INTEL the main differance between the 2 is AMD uses 3DNOW and Intel uses MMX and a few other things a newbie doesn't need to worry about :)