hey there,
I downloaded the jxbrowser package that comes in the following folder jxbrowser-2.8-cross-desktop-win_mac_linux
. I put it on a directory JavaBrowser on my desktop. I tried writing a java class that makes use of the package but my compiler complains for absence of the package. anyways, after reading the readme.txt file, I found this line:

Installing Library JAR Files


All the JAR files in the lib directory should be in the application class path.

I am confused as I don't know what exactly is meant when they say "application class path". I know what a path is, but what is application class path. anyone help, please.

Windows? There is a system environment variable CLASSPATH that contains a list of all the places (paths) where Java must look to find classes. Either your jars go in one of those places, or add the path to where they are on to the CLASSPATH.

no I'm on linux, Ubuntu.any ideas, James?

Sorry, not something I really know about. But I bet there's something similar?

check history on this forum, there are lots of questions about that,

classPath it's same as in Win, just check File separator for that