good day every one i am osagie by name, i've been trying to develope a biometric(fingerprint) software in win32 that will serialise and save all user fingerprint record to a binary mode cpp file(after due analysis). Thereafter, d program is expected to send a copy of the serialied file to a php script in a server for deserialisation and save on a database. my problems are: 1. how can i use socket to upload d file(serialised) to d remote php file without using a browse(i.e without any web/html interface)? 2. how can i also read(download)from d server using only d same socket(recv()) without a web browser? i.e both upload nd download should be done by my application.... pls only reply me if u have an idea of what am talking about. a little snippet and/or tutorial link wld b highly appreciated

Check out Curl (standalone program) and libcurl (C library which has C++ wrappers)

However, you can interact with a database directly from your C++ code (using whatever bindings your database has, or a generic ODBC driver), so there's no need to interact through the web server.