Hello all
I am working on completing some testing for new printer drives and as you can imagine we go through a lot of paper. Well I would like to see the company save a tree or three. However, part of our driver testing requires that we have a printout to see if the driver is working correctly.

Now since we are developing our own driver we do not was to print to PDF or Word or other type of driver as that would not test our driver but theirs.

The discussion came up that we should be able to print to an XML file (which is not OS or Application depenedant) and view the results in either an browser that interprets the XML or the file is created into a jpg or other graphical format.

Is this even possible in XML?

Please note that my software dev abilities are that of a novice so be a plain as possible in describing a solution.

Cigars and Cognac if we get this to work....LOL


It is possible for XML data using XSLT transformation to convert in svg graphic

generated by the graphics available with additional tools in the encircled image formats, copy the screen or re-convert to pdf using xsl-fo