I am learning C/C++/oracle/Unix?

I am thinking of developing some application on my own, but I have no Idea what else is required.

If you take an example of C++.I have very basic knowledge of it(data types, oops concepts,vectors,file handling,exception handling etc) I am not an expert though.
I have just read one book in C++.
and dont know much about graphics in C++?

I went to codeplex.com(An open source website for programming and development) they had some project in C++ :


Project Description

2D-3D Space MMOG

Based on the Palestar Medusa Engine**

link -> http://www.codeplex.com/site/search/openings?query=&sortBy=OpeningPostedDate&tagName=%2cc%2b%2b%2c&licenses=|&refinedSearch=true

Now this looks way beyond my knowledge but I want to buld something if not I want learn more to do it but I have no clue where to begin now what material topics, books to read.
There so many things involved with an application .exe files,dll files and many more those
when you click on the exe file all different kinds of files are extracted and come into existence?

1:) Am I thinking in the right direction?

2:) Is it possible to do it alone or be a part of such big open source projects online?
what are the things that I need to collect online and study?

please Help?
if possible please provide the topics,books, websites that might help me to study and proceed to achieve my goal?

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Posting your question on multiple sites is inconsiderate.

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Posting your question on multiple sites is inconsiderate.

You can begin by learning how to program at a sufficient level. Then it would be nice to dip into other areas such as networks and operating systems-- knowing about them will only help. Jumping into an open source project is always nice if you have the skills. Starting your own project is also nice.

If you want a list of books to read or other resources you can easily Google them. I suggest Googling Bruce Eckel's Thinking in C++.

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