Do any of you know a function to play a playlist in PyGame? The music files on the playlist should be played one after the other in the order they occur. Any type of help would be appreciate it.

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What kind of music files do you want to play?

MIDI and OGG files.

if it was a unix/linux system, you could call a command line program like mplayer or mpg123.

I solved this problem, thank you for the concern and suggestion.

I solved this problem, thank you for the concern and suggestion.

let us know your solution, we are curious :-)

I played around with the MS Windows Media Player on XP. Could not get it to go with command line arguments.

Luckily, I had written a small (32k) embedded media player (for .mid .mp3 .wma files) with BCX basic/C a long time ago and changed it to accept command line arguments. If anyone wants to use it, the zip file is attached. The zip file also contains the Python test file and a few domained sample midi files.

hi vegaseat!
I want to use Python language for writting a media-player which ca play mp3,wav... Mplay is file.exe
Can you sent me the source of Mplay
my e-mail address:
Thank you very much

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